May 01, 2019Words and Pictures

Welcome to the debut of my blog!

I am a colored pencil artist and a graphic artist. If you have been anywhere at all on my website or my Facebook page, you will know that I am all about children’s picture books. I’m all about stories! Stories told with words. Stories told with pictures.

If you poke around my site a bit, you will find articles about publishing, printing and drawing and all the details those entail. Especially if you are self-publishing a children’s book, you will find lots of information in the Helpful Info and Freebies sections that will aid you in your endeavor ... information about the process of drawing, publishing and producing a printed book. I will be adding articles regularly, so check back often to see what’s new. Please let me know if there’s a subject you’d like me to cover that I’ve overlooked.

Here on the blog, we’ll talk more about being an artist, a writer, a creative person.

Where do get your inspiration? Where do your ideas come from? How do you ever know anyone else will actually be interested? What is the story inside of you that you need to tell?

Some weeks I’ll tell you a bit more about me, my life, and what inspires me.

When I have a new book coming out, I’ll give you a sneak peek and tell you about the book and the author.

Maybe I’ll share some tall tales about people I know or places I’ve been or stories I’ve heard.

Mostly we’re just going to have a bunch of fun! ‘Cause you can’t be serious all the time!

You can let me know what you think and share ideas with me and others with comments below or on my Facebook page. A new blog will be posted every Wednesday.


So how will we kick this off? I don’t know if you’ve noticed the Homepage on my website. When the website was being designed, the original idea was to pull images from books I’ve done and display different samples on the Homepage. But then my wonderful web people and I got the bright idea to just do a new drawing every month or so. Then there will always be fresh new art showing up! Since I am generally adding a new article monthly, I usually pull an idea for the Homepage art from that.

Sometimes the Homepage art will simply be crazy and fun! And the Homepage for April and May is just that! It is linked to the article, A Public Appeal, in the Freebies tab. An article about movies, of all things!

And what is a movie ... a story told on film! Remember, I’m all about stories!

So come back next Wednesday, and we’ll find out how a picture book is very much like a movie ...

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  • Dixie Cooley says:
    2019-07-19, 07:11:09
    Awesome and your inspiration is a gift from God.

    Thank you and bless you.
    Thanks, Dixie!- Sherry A Mitcham