July 14, 2021The Storyteller – Part 2

It was unmistakable when it happened … the darkness, the shaking. As if the whole universe was being shaken.

Not many people noticed … or cared. Earthquakes and eclipses had happened before. They would happen again. Life moved on.

But the Storyteller knew what it meant. The Plan was unfolding.

It was a wonderful privilege that he had been granted to witness these events, but he didn’t fully understand why. No one ever came to see him anymore. He couldn’t remember who was the last person he had told the story to. Why was he still here? Surely he had fulfilled his purpose years ago.

And he was so tired … he had been waiting for such a very long time. But he also knew that was only from his own earthly perspective. Everything was happening – and would continue to happen – right on time.

Still, what was the point if there would be no more visitors? Yet, here he was.

He sighed heavily and turned back to his path which he had faithfully kept up all these years. Who could tell? Perhaps today a visitor would come …

He was lost in his thoughts, tending to his task, when suddenly there was a blinding flash and now he wasn’t standing in the path, he was face down in the path … what in the …

A familiar voice called to him, “Greetings, faithful one!” Oh! The best visitor of all … the angel was back!

“Welcome, my old friend!” The Storyteller rose to his knees as quickly as his aged body would allow. “What a welcome sight you are! What brings you back to visit?”

“Redemption has been bought. The age of grace is here. I have come to tell you that The King is pleased with your faithful service and He has a new assignment for you.”

new assignment?! The Storyteller wanted to protest, but there was no pause for him to inject a response. The angel continued:

“Soon visitors will be coming to you again. You will tell them the same as you told in the beginning.”

Oh! Now he HAD to interrupt! “But it was futile! No one listened! No one believed! They neither saw nor heard!”

“It is different now. The King has selected the ones who will come. Some will misinterpret. Some will abuse the gift. Each will have to choose for himself. Many will understand and embrace it gladly. They will see and hear, and they will go and teach others.”

The Storyteller’s heart pounded … of course he wanted to obey … but he was so tired … this was overwhelming!

He bowed low before the angel. “Please, I beg you … forgive your servant who is willing ... but I am old and weary in body and mind … I am not certain that I am capable of what you ask.”

“The King has anticipated and has provided. Now, go! Serve as you have been instructed!”

Another blinding flash and the angel was gone. The Storyteller collapsed into the dust and wept. So many years … so much weariness … so much weakness … and now this … and he sobbed bitterly.

“CEASE! Sit up! Look! LISTEN!!

The Storyteller jolted upright from his pity. Who spoke? He looked about, but he was alone.

He stood up and scolded himself for acting so shamefully as he slapped the dust from his clothes.

It will be alright, he told himself. If The King wants me to continue, I will continue. It’s not so bad, and it will be fun to tell the story again … uh, what was THAT?

He suddenly realized that he had just simply stood up. His knees didn’t creak. His back didn’t protest. He hadn’t even thought about it … he felt … good! He felt … young? A glance at his arms and hands told him that might not be exactly the right word, but he certainly didn’t feel so tired anymore. He felt … ALIVE! That was it! He felt alive!

But it wasn’t just him … everything had changed! He looked about and marveled … could it be? Could it possibly be?!

Then he heard it … what he had longed for … YES!! The music was back!

And he threw his head back and roared with laughter like he hadn’t since the very beginning ...

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  • BILL MITCHAM says:
    2021-07-14, 09:56:36
    Thanks!- Sherry A Mitcham
  • Dixie Cooley says:
    2021-07-14, 06:36:23
    WOW! Great story, I hope there's a Part III.
    Four parts ... all the blogs in July ... stay tuned!- Sherry A Mitcham