October 11, 2023The Dark Side of Creativity

Heads up, all you creatives out there … danger lurks!

There are basically two kinds of danger in the world …

The first kind of danger is universally experienced by everyone. It’s the out-of-the-blue-SURPRISE! kind of danger. For example, you might simply be taking a stroll out in nature or walking down the street … and, surprise! … you get eaten by a bear or run over by a bus!

There’s not a whole lot you can do to be prepared for this kind of danger, except for simply staying as alert as possible. It really just depends on the timing. If you see the danger coming early enough, maybe there will be time to run away or step out of the street. If you don’t see the danger until you’re already feeling the chomp of teeth or the impact of a bumper, the odds of survival plummet rapidly and substantially.

Some people, anticipating this kind of danger out in the world, get paralyzed by fear and attempt to stay safe by staying home, but that’s no good either. Loose floorboards, slippery bathtubs, and step ladders are just as deadly as bears and buses. Then there’s all the invisible, microscopic stuff that attacks and we don’t even know we’ve been got until it’s too late.

Just stay alert. And remember to live wisely, because sometimes those out-of-the-blue surprises aren’t surprising at all. We don’t “suddenly” get hardened arteries or a fatty liver. A 12-pack of soda a day and never exercising will make you just as dead as illegal drugs … it just takes a little longer. But, it’s legal, it’s more fun, and it’s socially acceptable. The irony is that if you forgo the sodas and go for a run every morning at 5 am, that’s not so socially acceptable. That's just irritating to all your friends who don't do that, and you’ll likely be labeled a fanatic!

Life on planet earth is ridiculous and wonderful. Nobody gets out alive, so savor every minute. Stay alert, choose wisely, keep a thick skin, and perhaps you’ll last a little longer than most.

But watch out … there’s a second kind of danger …

This kind of danger is universal in the sense that everyone experiences it, but it’s danger that is unique to each individual based on their individual choices regarding lifestyle, employment and activities.

For instance …

A person who works at a construction site will be facing totally different potential dangers than a bank teller. While it’s true that bank robberies are life threatening, there’s always the possibility that maybe the robber won’t shoot you and you’ll make it out alive. But if you fall from the 100th floor of a building under construction, there’s a low possibility that it’s going to end well.

There are good reasons why that teller opted out of getting into the construction business. A lot of people opt for the indoor jobs, which feel a little less risky than the outside jobs, which will likely involve operating heavy equipment out there where the bears and the buses are.

All professions have their own unique set of built-in dangers … especially the creative professions.

Creative professions are dangerously deceptive … although those are generally indoor professions, creatives learn quickly that there are much scarier things than bears and buses …

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