April 19, 2023Heroes and Happy Endings

I love God and Jesus is my Rock.

I hear people rail on God because of all the problems and suffering in the world … our “monsters”, if you will.

Why does a “good” God allow these things to continue? Where is God when a child is being abused? Why won’t He finally bring justice to the monsters among us?

It puzzles me, too.

But I do know that part of the answer is because we rejected Him and His ways, preferring to live life on our own terms. But we are created beings, subject to a higher authority. When we rejected God’s authority over our lives, we subjected ourselves to another authority who is anti-God. The whole world is under this authority, and we are basically children caught in the crossfire or two warring entities.

God made a way through Christ for those of us who choose to live under His authority to return to Him. One day He absolutely WILL come and bring His wrath and judgement on His enemy and the monsters in this world … the enemy and the monsters will be completely defeated.

Until then, we wait … just like children who don’t fully understand, but are living in a war zone and trusting our parent to carry us through the danger that is all around us.

But we’re not supposed to just sit on our laurels and let the world spin on it’s merry way to hell … we’re supposed to busy living our lives and doing the things He designed us to do. This world is doomed, but while we’re here on the battlefield, we can be about the business of serving one another by showing others the way back to Life and Redemption and by relieving some of the suffering.

We can do that by first of all getting back into a right relationship with Him. Then PRAY! By talking to Him we gain insight as to our own purpose and giftings. Through that intimate relationship, we get the power and resources to change our own lives, and from there be a force for change in our world. That’s how this war is fought: on our knees, and from one individual to another. And we get to be the heroes to win the day!

No matter the monster, God has designed and placed people everywhere they need to be … some of us study science and medicine to find cures for horrible diseases. We can’t stop earthquakes and other natural disasters, of course, but some of us designed tools for digging that are used to rescue people. Some of us know how to design buildings that stay structurally sound through storms.

Some of us fight impossible monsters like drugs and human trafficking. Our enemy is ferocious, because he knows he will be defeated.

When we get overwhelmed and war-weary and we’ve lost many battles, we can take heart, this war is already won. We have a Commander who has us completely covered and equipped.

So as writers and drawers for children, we may not feel like very important or needed soldiers in this war, but think again …

We’re the informers and encouragers to make children aware of the monsters and help them learn how to overcome the monsters in their lives.

We help take the scary out … and who could ever imagine that while we are having so much fun, we’re defeating monsters!

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  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2023-04-19, 04:01:52
    Great writing.
    Thank you.
    You're welcome!- Sherry A Mitcham