September 04, 2019Sci-Fi and Little Green Men

For several weeks I’ve been trying to decide what to write about in September’s blogs. Then I found out about what had started out as a Facebook joke, but has now taken on a life of it’s own ... a march on Area 51 in Nevada has been scheduled for September 20th, to demand that all those government secrets about aliens and UFOs get coughed up ... NOW! Oh, boy!

Each month all 4-5 weeks of my blogs for the following month are written and turned over to my web company a couple of weeks before the new month begins. By the time the march takes place on the 20th, I’ll have October’s blogs turned in and will already be writing blogs for November and December. So while I probably won’t have a blog response in real time, I will be watching on September 20th to see how all this plays out. Who knows what might happen? It could fizzle out and be a much-anticipated, non-event. Or it might turn into a grand spectacle! We’ll just have to wait and see.

I grew up with all this ... UFO sightings ... government cover ups ... people getting hushed up ... “credible” witnesses getting silenced with threats, or ... gasp! ... disappearing ... ooooh!

Hollywood and the entertainment industry have made a killing off all this hype ... books, TV shows and movies: Close Encounters of the Third KindE.T.Independence DayContactDr. WhoStar TrekStar WarsThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the GalaxyThe X FilesThe Twilight ZoneThe Outer LimitsUnsolved MysteriesMork and Mindy, and ALF!

In the sixties – still healing from a World War, and with Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War and all the division and unrest we saw around us – the future looked rather bleak. Then Star Trek appeared on our TV sets and painted a picture of a future where we might actually want to live. When we walked on the moon in 1969 that just confirmed to us that our dreams of a bright future, including space travel, could actually be possible.

Life today is amazing with all our technology and gadgets. But it was fun back then, too, when we lived with a dream in our hearts of all the possibilities. But now, looking at the last few paragraphs I just wrote, and all the Hollywood hype and the government secrecy ... well ... I’m beginning to think maybe we did get brainwashed and ... yeah! ... maybe they do need to explain some things!

But don’t get too excited, folks. I suspect it will be a bit anti-climatic.

For two reasons:

First, just like all those episodes of The X Files, just when you think you’re going to finally learn the truth (The TRUTH is out there, you know. Mulder said so.), it magically slips away five minutes before the show ends. They needed those last five minutes to hype us up for next week’s show when we will finally learn the truth!! We held on for eleven seasons ... 218 episodes! They never intended to tell us the truth!

Think about it ... the TV show The Fugitive ran for four seasons from 1963 until 1967. 120 episodes. If Dr. Kimble had’ve caught the one-armed man in epidose 3, then it would’ve been all over. 117 episodes short! Television people can’t make a living like that!

I don’t know exactly why they’d want us to keep hanging onto the the Area 51 mystery, but I’d bet that on September 20th, not only will we not learn the whole truth, but we’ll actually end up with more questions. We’ll keep hanging on and Hollywood will be getting a bit richer very soon. Count on it.

Second, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a theory about aliens and UFOs, and I agree with his theory. Here’s my version of Dr. Tyson’s theory: Everyday I walk up the drive to retrieve the mail. Beside the driveway, in the grass, is an ant hill. I walk past it everyday. I ignore the ants. The ants ignore me. It never occurs to me to get down close to them and try to communicate with them. It never occurs to them to come out to the drive to try to communicate with me. If we ever cross paths, it’s probably not going to go well for the ants, because I’m a lot bigger and I’ve got more resources. So in this analogy, I would be the alien. And the ants would be the humans on Planet Earth. The alien is going to be way smarter and have more advanced technology than the humans. If he even notices us, we’re just going to be a passing curiosity to him. Because the kind of brain and technology he must have in order to navigate the vastness and dangers of space, will put him so far ahead of us, we will be like those ants to him. And if we annoy him in some way, it might not go so well for us.

So instead of trying to meet the aliens, perhaps we should be trying to avoid the aliens!

You know, humans are supposedly the highest, most intelligent life form on Planet Earth. Yet in the wild, you never see other species eating and drinking themselves into obesity and disease, over-indulging in addictive and harmful substances, or staying up all night watching YouTube videos of cats or collecting 500 friends on social media. And I really don’t think they would gather in a large collective and storm a secret government compound, heavily guarded by trained, armed – that means bullets, people! – military police, and demand access to the secrets inside.

But, hey! We’re the ones with the big brains! So stay tuned!

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get another 218 episodes out of it!

We can only hope ...

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  • Dixie says:
    2019-09-05, 09:21:20
    On the 20th I'm going to wear my foil hat. LOL
    It also explains the aliens in our elected positions. LOL
    Hey!... good idea! Maybe at the Gathering on the 21st someone will bring a box of foil and we can all make ourselves hats ... just in case!!- Sherry A Mitcham
  • Kathy says:
    2019-09-04, 17:58:54
    Interesting perspective!
    Hey, Kathy, are you all signed up for the march!? Bring a tent ... I heard that the one hotel in Rachel, Nevada is all booked up ... all 14 rooms!- Sherry A Mitcham
  • BILL MITCHAM says:
    2019-09-04, 11:15:18
    I totally agree, we will see on Sept. 20. Bring back ALF.