1. To begin I will need from you:
    • Manuscript
    • Finished dimensions in inches of your book.
    • Will you have a hardcover or soft cover, or both?
    • Do you want copy on the back cover of the book, and if so, I will need that supplied.
    • Do you want an author’s/artist’s bio page, or would you prefer to leave that out?
      • If you want it, I will need you to supply the copy for the author’s bio.
    • If your printer/publisher has layout requirements or restrictions, I will need that information.
  2. I”ll rough out the book, divided into pages and showing what goes on each spread. This rough stage is very rough — you’ll think I can’t draw! — but you will be able to see what I intend.
  3. If you accept my proposal, I will need 1/2 deposit before beginning
  4. Now the work begins. This goes through several stages, each getting progressively more finished. I may need to do research, to get settings, figures, objects accurate. At each stage, you will have opportunity to adjust things before I do final rendering. Depending on the book, this will be just 1-2 steps or several.
  5. When everything is drawn correctly, sized and placed, final color rendering begins. This will take several weeks, so be patient!

    Repeat this process for 12+ spreads
    and the cover . . . and you have a book!

  6. I will bill you for the balance of payment. I will set up the print files for your printer/publisher, and will send them when I receive payment.

A Final Note:

You will own all of the rights to the art. I hang on to the art while the book is in production, just in case the printer needs me to correct something. When I know I won’t need it anymore, I will ship all of the original art and electronic files to you.

These materials will be invaluable to you for your own marketing and printing materials when promoting your book.

I do ask for permission to use images from your book for my own portfolio, website and promotional materials, always crediting your name and book title.