Complete Book Layout - $125 per Spread (2 facing pages)

  • Cover and Inside pages, layout and design including all typesetting and illustrations.
  • Print-ready electronic files delivered to printer/publisher.
  • Bound book page counts must be in multiples of 2. Minimum number of inside pages is 24.
  • Saddle stitched (stapled) book page counts must be in multiples of 4.
  • I like to let the manuscript dictate where natural page breaks should be, and then adjust the number of pages from there.
  • 30-32 pages is usually the best length for picture books.
  • 24 pages is the absolute minimum that most publishers can print and bind into book form.
  • They will occasionally add a few blank pages at the end to get the thickness they require for binding.
  • Remember that page counts include title and dedication pages, bios and reader info in the back. The actual story is not on every single page.

Pricing Examples:

  • 24 Page book - 24 inside pages (12 Spreads) + cover (1 Spread) (13 Spreads x $125) $1625
  • 32 Page book - 32 inside pages (16 Spreads) + cover (1 Spread) (17 Spreads x $125) $2125

Chapter Books Cover - $150

Full Color
Inclues Typesetting & Electronic Files

Chapter Books Inside Pages - $35 each

Single Page
Black & White
Pen & Ink or Pencil

Author will own rights to all art

Unless specified differently with a mutually agreed upon contract, the Author will hold all copyrights to the images in the completed book. This includes local, national and worldwide copyrights.

When all artwork is completed, I will ship all original art and electronic files to the Author, for their own use for promoting the book through printed or digital media.

I only ask permission to use images from the book for my portfolio, website and promotional material, always crediting the Author’s name and book title.

Special Note to Authors outside USA:

Shipping overseas is very expensive!
For overseas shipments, I am willing pay the first $100, and the author will be responsible for the balance.
For some less expensive alternatives ...

  • I can ship to any of your friends, relatives or business associates here in the states.
  • I am only about 30 minutes south of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. If you are traveling and have a stop-over in Atlanta, perhaps we can arrange to meet up.


Payment methods accepted:

  • Checks made out and mailed to:
    Sherry A. Mitcham
    PO Box 1695
    Fayetteville, GA 30214
  • Debit/credit card payments via PayPal

A 50% Deposit is required when the proposed book layout is approved and before drawing begins.
The Balance is due when all art and graphics are completed and before electronic files are submitted to publisher/printer.
Overseas shipments will be completed after receipt of funds for Author’s cost.

Book Signings

I would love to be included in any book signings you schedule!
If you would like for me to join you, and the signing location is within 300 miles of Fayetteville, Georgia, I will join you at my expense. Please give me 3 or more weeks advance notice.
If your location is farther away than that and you would like me to pre-sign books, ship them to me and include return shipping. I will sign and return them to you. Please allow 2 weeks in addition to shipping times back and forth. Contact me, [email protected], and I will provide my shipping information to you.