October 26, 2022Joy and Wonder

If you’ve been reading these blogs for the last couple of months, you’re probably rolling your eyes at me …

Creatives aren’t so special or so different that they stand out from every other human being on the planet.

Still, if you have a creative at your house – whether you birthed them, married them, or simply invited them in to stay – you know it had to be, even if you don’t know why.

The truth is, we are all created in His image … the Creator of everything. And all of us are creative to some extent … whether we’re figuring out a solution for a sticky problem or decorating a cake ... the creativity built into us shows us the way. 

While the disturbing book we are reading, or the beautiful song we just heard grabs our attention, we are surrounded by things a designer created … the pattern on the sheets we’ll wrap ourselves in tonight, the design on the dishes we set on the dinner table, the car we drove to the grocery store, the signs on the road that told us when to stop or yield … all designed and created by someone, somewhere.

We remember the book and the song, because they evoked strong emotions from us, but the stop sign that we barely gave a passing thought, might have saved our life!!

We have a tendency to put a higher value on the creativity that entertains and delights us, and a lesser value on the creativity that simply serves us in some small or important way ... but that's the just the world's way of thinking.

None of us are greater or lesser than any of the others. We appreciate the stop sign makers for keeping us alive. And the book writers and song singers help us enjoy that life, and make us think and feel and ponder at the wonder of it all.

Our Creator made this grand design and we each have our part to play. When we are busy doing and being what He designed us to do and be, we bring honor and glory to Him, and we find fulfillment and joy.

So if you happen to have a creative or two living at your house (or if you are one of those!), encourage them to keep at it, no matter what their particular style or medium.

And if they're one of the lucky ones, who get to write, draw and create for our kids, encourage them to be about the business of inspiring and teaching kids to do the same ... because even more fun than exercising and enjoying your own creativity, is teaching someone else to do the same!

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  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2022-10-26, 08:15:14
    Great read.
    Thank you ❤