March 08, 2023Surprised Writers

We’re pretty much all made up of the same ingredients. We all come equipped with a brain full of logic, creativity and imagination ... the right tools for solving problems and moving forward in life.

Some creatives consider themselves to be free-wheeling spirits who don’t succumb to structure and “logic”. But they definitely use the logical parts of their brains, even if it’s only for figuring out how to get their work done and learning how to use their chosen medium.

And the opposite is true for regular folks … they think the creative, imaginative parts of their brain aren’t being used so much, but anyone who’s running a household or a business, or solving any kind of problem on any given day is engaging creativity. Even folks who wouldn’t label themselves “creative”, are engaging their creativity everyday in some useful way.

So imagine their surprise one day when they get inspired to write down a story for their kids, and – wonder of wonders – it’s pretty good! Perhaps there’s some creativity in the ol’ brain after all!

Maybe they’ll show it to somebody …

If the feedback they get isn’t so positive, that will probably be the end of that. If the feedback they get is positive, maybe it will fan the fire and they’ll keep at it.

Recently I was privileged to witness some amazing events that happened to a “surprised” writer …

A professional person became inspired to write a fantasy novel for young readers. It was written in spare time after work and family responsibilities were done. Their family knew about it, but no one was allowed to see it. When the writing was done, the manuscript was tucked away into an envelope, which was tucked away into a desk drawer, and there it sat for 20 years!

Then somebody who knew about it couldn’t contain their curiosity any longer. They convinced the writer to allow them to read it, and it was great! After much coaxing and encouragement, the writer mustered up enough courage to send it off …

Within mere weeks, an interested agent responded and got involved! AND, while the search for a publisher is going on, the first manuscript has turned into a series … a sequel has been written and the third installment is being written!

It’s a nice surprise to get a flash of inspiration and discover that you might actually be a pretty good writer … who knew?

An even better surprise is finding out right out of the gate that publishing professionals think you’re a pretty good writer, too! Wow!

But, alas, it won’t happen like that for everyone who gets bitten by the writing bug …

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  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2023-03-08, 04:08:08
    One never knows their gift until it's unwrapped.
    Thank you