January 11, 2023Not Enough

Creatives must create.

It doesn’t matter if they go at it full time, or if it’s just an occasional Sunday afternoon.

Finding fulfillment in our creativity isn't about making millions and impressing the world … it’s about the process. Even if we never show another soul what we did, it’s the act of actually doing it that will satisfy that itch inside.

Creatives who don’t exercise their gifting are frustrated, unhappy people. Sometimes they aren’t even sure where all that frustration and angst is originating. Self-awareness is important for anyone, but it’s especially important for creatives. And self-awareness and growth come when we make room in our lives to create.

But, we run into obstacles …

Sometimes the obstacles creatives run into are external … the “not enough” obstacles. Many times we can find ourselves stuck in circumstances where our creative activities are hindered, because there’s not enough ...

- Not enough time, because of health, family or work responsibilities
- Not enough space in our physical environment to make room for our craft
- Not enough resources to indulge our creativity
- Not enough physical and emotional energy left for our creative efforts after taking care of essential life activities and responsibilities

Life throws us curveballs sometimes, and very often we find ourselves in situations where all our plans and dreams aren’t working out.

Sometimes we’re in a season of life where we simply have to wait it out, and eventually we’ll move into a new season where there will be enough room for our creativity.

Until then, let’s put our creative brain to a practical use … let’s give it an assignment to think outside the box and come up with ways to make room for our creativity.

Maybe we don’t have hours to devote to our creations, but just a few minutes daily and consistently over multiple days will add up to finished work.

We might not have the luxury of free space where we can leave work set up, but maybe we can come up with a system that sets up and stores away quickly and efficiently.

We might not have the financial or emotional resources for our creative efforts … but we still have the options in this high-tech world to read or watch others doing what we love … when we can’t be doing our thing, we can certainly still be enjoying, learning and getting inspired. Because one day we will have the time, space and resources, and we want to be prepared and ready to jump back in with both feet!

When trying to think creatively and come up with solutions to our dilemma, we might discover the greatest obstacles we face are inside our own heart and head …

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  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2023-01-11, 10:48:10
    Love it! Thank you.