January 31, 2024Life Interrupted – Emma

Pet-sitting for the holidays … somebody’s always going to feel overlooked. In our case, it was Emma, the little 6-month old calico who got left home alone:

I was very young when my humans adopted me, and I’ve only been here since last summer.

I have 2 humans and a “big brother,” Jake, who is my best friend, even if he is a dog!

Jake is perfect … he’s not too big and he’s not too small. I found out that I can jump on his back and ride. He doesn’t really like it, but he’ll tolerate it sometimes. There are times when he acts grumpy when I want to play, and he just gets up and leaves the room, but he doesn’t really mean it … I know that he likes me, too!

My 2 humans have this wonderful big house with lots of things to discover and explore. Sometimes I get in a little trouble if I’m doing things they don’t like, but they are patient with me while I learn about life and the rules I need to follow.

I don’t know any more humans, except for just 2 more: another man human and a lady human, who come over a couple of times a month.

When they come, all 4 humans sit together at the kitchen table for hours, laughing and talking. One night I got one of my humans to pick me up so I could get a good look at the table, but I didn’t understand what I saw.

I asked Jake what that was and he told me it was a game called dominoes. I don’t know what that is, but Jake said to just forget it, because only humans know, and when dominoes is happening, he and I will be totally ignored. He said it’s not any fun and I should just go lay down somewhere until after the visiting humans leave.

But I think Jake is wrong, because when the visiting humans come, the visiting lady human picks up one of my toys and and we play and play and play the whole time they are here!

Anyway, I love my new home, and my brother dog, Jake, and the wonderful friends who come to see us.

One day my humans left and took Jake with them. I wasn’t too worried, because there are many days when the humans leave, but they always return after a while.

But this day was different … they took Jake, too, and this time they didn’t come back!

So I waited. Night came. Morning came. Then night again … and I began to feel scared!

I’m not sure how much time passed, but one day, I heard someone coming through the front door … it was the visiting human lady!!! And she stayed a while and we played and played.

But she left, and I was alone again.

But after a while, she came back! Then she left again.

More days passed … and the best surprise happened … my own humans came back!!

But where was Jake? Doesn’t anyone know where Jake is?

But it wasn’t over yet … after a few days, my humans left again!!

So, I’m waiting … and here I am being interviewed by the visiting human lady. She doesn’t seem too concerned that my whole family has deserted me … maybe she knows something I don’t …

All I know is, I am so confused and lonely!

If you’re reading this, and if you know where Jake and my humans are … tell them I miss them and that they need to come home!!!*

*(Editor’s Note: Emma’s family, both the humans and Jake, did finally come home to her. Friday night domino game nights have resumed and life is back to normal again! Meanwhile Squirt and Patty have rid themselves of the dog … life is back to normal, including head scratches. And they all lived happily ever after … at least until the next holiday rolls around!)

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  • Dixie Cooley says:
    2024-01-31, 10:14:19
    I always wondered what animals were thinking. Thank you for the clarification. LOL
    I used to be glad I didn't know what my last dog, Chloe, was thinking ... when she wanted to walk and I was ignoring her, and she'd sit across the room from me and give me that "Chloe glare"!!- Sherry A Mitcham