June 07, 2023Confusion

It's one thing to talk about scary monsters in stories and silly old movies that are more funny than scary.

Because we all know that there aren't any monsters in real life ... right?

Well ... just because there aren't really any vampires, aliens, dinosaurs or zombies, doesn't mean there's not plenty of scary stuff out there in the real world. Just because aliens haven't landed on your roof, or just because zombies aren't trying to eat your brain, that doesn't mean that there's not a gracious plenty of things in life to avoid or flee or handle delicately.

But by far the scariest thing in life is the paradox that is you, and the thoughts and musings inside your own head.

It doesn't matter how young or old we are. Even the youngest among us find out quickly enough that much of the stress in life is coming from all the thinking and pondering we do while trying to figure out how to maneuver through life. By the time we start school, we've already discovered that life has rules and we have responsibilities and expectations that must be fulfilled. We learn that there are consequences that correlate directly to the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Most of the time we make good decisions and try to take correct actions, but outside influences, unforeseen circumstances, and our own mental, emotional and physical limitations hinder our progress. And it won't get any easier as we grow up ... school work gets more difficult, relationships with peers get more complicated, personal responsibilities increase. Work loads, school bullies, raging hormones ... and in the midst of all that, most of us are trying to figure out who we are, how we fit into the world, and what we want to do with this life we've been given.

By the time adulthood arrives, most people have pondered and wondered and experimented and have more or less decided on a path forward in life. Then, even as they proceed, they will still be pondering and considering and choosing, and there will be left turns and right turns, road blocks and detours. That path might end up in surprising and unexpected places.

From the inside, we size ourselves up. We try to determine if that last choice we made was good or bad. We analyze our progress, or the lack of progress. We lay out goals and plan the steps we'll take to meet those goals. We relish our successes and recover and learn from our mistakes. Through it all we learn about life and we learn about ourselves. And we ponder and think and consider it all. The conclusions we arrive at mold us and shape us, and we remember the lessons and let those influence our future thinking, choices and actions.

It's a universal phenomenon. We all do it. We all ask the burning, unanswerable questions that must be answered ... Who am I? Why am I here? Does my life have meaning? Am I having an impact?

Of course, many of us find those answers in God. I personally have found my answers in the God of the Bible. He pretty much covers all those big questions I have about life and what it all means.

Still, He doesn't pour the answers into my head all at once. He leads me along, of course, but it seems that mostly I find out things piece by piece as I stumble along through life. And sometimes life throws me a really fast curve ball that knocks me for a loop and, instead of answers, I end up with more questions.

Recently I got thrown a big curve ball that did just that ... left me with a big question ... a question that I thought had been settled long ago ... a universal question that I know many of you wrestle with, too ...

So in this month's blogs, I'll tell you about the curve ball that life threw at me, and together we'll explore and search for an answer to that universal question that I know burns in all of our souls ...

Am I a dog person? Or am I a cat person?

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  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2023-06-07, 16:23:35
    As long are happy that's your answer.
    Right!- Sherry A Mitcham
  • Kathy McDonell says:
    2023-06-07, 09:37:04
    Easy answer: you can be both! The other questions, not so easy. For me, getting the answers instantly is the one I want. However, in His infinite wisdom, the Lord is teaching me that His answer is……WAITING ON THE LORD! ( guess He knows how impatient I am…..)
    Waiting is HARD, isn't it? Most of life is all about waiting well ... what comes after this is going to be glorious! But we've got to get ready, so God sent the dogs and cats to help get us trained. Dogs will teach us unconditional love and patience. Cats teach us humility ... it's very important to know who's boss!- Sherry A Mitcham
  • Monte Weldon says:
    2023-06-07, 08:43:20
    For me, I always considered myself a dog person. Having dogs when the kids were growing up, taking care of them along with the kids, just fit in with the business of life at that time. Feed the kids. Feed the dogs. Walk the dogs. Walk the kids, etc..Now that I'm older and my kids are grown and have moved on with their lives, I find I'm more a cat person. I set out one bowl of food for the 3 of them that lasts a few days. I fill their water jug and it dispenses as needed. They take themselves "potty" whenever the urge hits, regardless of what I'm doing at the time. They like to use us as heating pads when they watch TV with us in the evenings.They're independent, but always ready for affection, lifestyle suits this season of life much better than the hustle and bustle and dependence of dog life. But I still love my 3 elderly mutts with all my heart. Oh, and my two granddogs. Rotten Stinkers. Lol
    Thanks for that, Monte! You are absolutely right ... I hadn't considered ... but, yes, now that I'm at home more, not running around so much, cats are easier, more laid back. I didn't know that until my mom came to live here and brought us 2 cats. Cats are much less hands-on than dogs. Affectionate for sure, but in a totally different way.- Sherry A Mitcham