June 29, 2022Streamlining

A lot of people don’t like change, but I’ve never had too much angst about switching things up.

I rather like a fresh, new start ... new beginnings and trying things out different ways. Always, when I feel out of sorts, I can rearrange things a bit -- furniture or even my schedule -- and feel a bit renewed.

Even so, I’m having a time getting adjusted to my new studio set up. This time it wasn’t as simple as just turning my drawing table around ... everything got moved and is now in a different configuration. I’m facing a different direction. I have to go a few steps farther and around some stuff in order to get to my desk and computer.

I miss my nice bright overhead light which was always on and yet not in my way ... I think I’ll have to get some kind of light to go either on or near my new drawing table ... not happy about that.

My space is now a little more condensed ... I don’t have the room I had with my 3’x4’ light table where I could spread out a current project and still see everything. Now I need to rely on nearby side tables and surfaces. The bookshelf I sit in front of now is part of the answer. It fills up a whole wall and the shelves sit atop a low cabinet, so that first “shelf” is wider than the ones above and I can clear it off and probably have plenty of room to spread things out. Then the problem is how to angle my chair and seat so I can see the computer and have projects at my fingertips and not have my back to the open room.

And I still can‘t seem to get used to the new homes for everything ... I’m constantly looking for scissors, pens and pencils, rulers and triangles, even though I’ve arranged everything in good places ... I can’t seem to remember what went where. This wasn’t a normal rearranging, where a cabinet moved from one space to another, and kept its contents ... everything is getting moved and shifted!

I’m beginning to understand why some people don’t like change!

But then I think of the good things that will be coming soon ... a new family member – my mom! – coming to live with us! And I’m ashamed of myself for grumbling so much. Poor me, inconvenienced by moving from one room to another, when my mom’s life has been totally turned upside down the last 2 months! Sometimes I forget my own priorities!

I talk a lot in these blogs about the importance of teaching these life lessons to kids in the books we make, but it seems that it’s never too late to learn important life lessons ourselves.

So I’ll stop the belly-aching and just get busy finishing up this chore I’ve got to do. When it gets to be too much, I’ll sit me down again and set me straight. Maybe by the time this blog is actually posted in June, I’ll have the room all set up and my little new studio will be humming along like nothing ever changed. Maybe ... or maybe not ... who knows?

I’ll just keep a clear vision of the goal in my head and keep moving forward ... wonderful days are ahead and I need to be ready!

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  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2022-06-29, 10:08:05
    We all seem to let current situations stall our progress, but have this, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. 🙏
    Yes!!- Sherry A Mitcham