May 26, 2021*#$@*% Updates!

Yeah, you just heard me cuss.

That's most definitely a curmudgeon-y trait.

It's because the days are gone when I could just purchase software outright, use it as long as I wanted, and update or not when I wanted.

Now I get to pay a monthly subscription fee for the awesome privilege of having the updates flow into my system regularly. All it really means is that some tool I was using yesterday has been moved or modified and I've got to interrupt work to figure out how to do work again.

And one time a program updated and – surprise! – I can't save my files any more! And the solution when I contacted support? Go back to the previous version before the update! I can do that??!!

Well ... at least I learned something ... *#$@*%*!!!

And I have to stop myself ...

Am I the guy who, when the whole town updated to indoor plumbing, I said, Nope! Gonna' keep my outhouse! I LOVE going out to the john in the middle of the dark, freezing, rainy night! Not giving THAT up, no sir!

Am I that guy?

I read an interesting book many years ago, Hurtling Toward Oblivion, by Richard A. Swenson, MD. He says that the end absolutely will come one day, merely based on pure logic.

Humans keep inventing and improving and evolving. Our lives are stuffed full of activities and things that continue to be more and more, better and better, faster and faster … and it will all climax one day … it’s inevitable … there’s no stopping it … the end is coming. The clock is ticking.

So I have a message to the old ones and the young ones ...

First, to the young ones:

Newer and faster isn't necessarily better. Don't be so quick to dismiss the older and experienced. Once or twice a day, put the phone down and look at another human eyeball to eyeball and converse with them. Once a day, for 5-10 minutes, get alone, turn off all the noise, ask God to speak to you, then sit quietly, wait, and listen. He responds to those who seek Him diligently, and He's your only hope of navigating this life successfully. You won't always like what He tells you ... you will have to choose His way or yours.

To the older ones:

Don't waste today regretting or longing for past days, or being jealous of the young ones. Don't reject new ways outright before prayerfully considering them. Don't preach to the young ones, SHOW them. Show them the consequences of wise choices. Show them the consequences of unwise choices and how redemption works. Never turn away from God. Trust and wait.

And to all you picture book writers and drawers out there ... that's a mighty important task you've been assigned .. are you up to it?

2 Peter 3:10-13

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  • Brenda Smith says:
    2021-05-26, 08:51:48
    Wise words, my friend.
  • Dixie Cooley says:
    2021-05-26, 06:21:29
    Right on.