April 12, 2023Monster Metaphors

When we think of monster stories, we immediately think of larger than life creatures … dinosaurs, creatures from unexplored areas of earth or from outer space. Creatures that show up where they’re not supposed to be and before they can be stopped, they’ve stomped cities and destroyed stuff and killed or even eaten a few folks.

But there are many other kinds of monsters, and many potential other kinds of monster stories … Sometimes the monster is human. Human monsters are the ones who also show up where they’re not supposed to be, and they hurt people and destroy stuff. From the petty thief to the terrorist, people who commit murder and arsonists. Sometimes it’s a single person, sometimes it’s a gang or group of people. It could be a whole country of people, sending armies to attack other people and countries.

Sometimes the monster is the earth itself and natural disasters … earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rain and horrific snow storms. There are times when the rain and storms stop completely and then come drought and famine. There are places on our planet – deserts, oceans, mountains, frozen areas – where it’s dangerous for people to be. And dangerous animals and insects we need to stay away from.

Sometimes the monster is our own body, when disease and sickness come in and interrupt our lives and threaten our very existence.

We don’t really need to dig up dinosaurs or go retrieve monsters from outer space … we’ve got lots of material for scary stories right here!

All of this is sobering to think about as an adult … imagine experiencing it all through a child’s eyes ...

Our children go through wars and natural disasters they didn’t cause. Their people monsters are the bullies at school, teachers and adults who fail to protect them, that neighbor or family member who would do bodily harm to them. We have hospitals filled with kids suffering through cancer and other diseases.

Our kids are so vulnerable and so totally dependent on the adults in their lives for protection, but there are times when the adults either won’t or can’t protect children from the monsters …

Thank goodness for the heroes …

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  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2023-04-12, 07:58:15
    I love this blog, because it is the truth. Parents please protect your children, they are blessing from God.
    Yes ... our society as a whole is failing to protect our children in many ways, and we will be held accountable for that.- Sherry A Mitcham