August 31, 2022Connections

What a ride life is!

It’s exciting, mundane, overwhelming, fulfilling … all at the same time.

Many times we can’t express how we feel about it all … mere spoken words just won’t get the job done.

So God sprinkled creatives all about the planet, and through the creatives, He sent music and art and beauty and unique ways to express the inexpressible.

Now, when our hearts are overwhelmed with love for another, and we don’t know how to tell them …

Or maybe we’ve suffered great loss and our hearts need comfort and hope …

… we will experience what we’re feeling through the words of a song or the colors in a painting, and we say, Aha! I knew that! I felt that!

The inexpressible gets expressed and the aches in our hearts are a little relieved and we’re a little more connected to ourselves, to each other and our world.

A creative’s job is to experience the romance of life and express that experience through their own brand of art.

For the creatives whose brand of art is children’s books, what an honor and privilege that is!

We get to share with the people who are at the very beginning of the journey, who are discovering their own inner world and how to interact and navigate the outer world. They are finding out that they are separate and alone, yet intimately connected to something much bigger and grander … and we creatives get to introduce them to that and hopefully help them navigate that.

No creative should ever think what they do is of no purpose, least of all a children’s book creative.

We experience, we feel, we write, we draw …

A reader reads, they experience, they feel … and they feel a little more connected to their world and their fellow humans …

The inside things come to the outside, and our world is a little richer because of it …

That is your purpose, my fellow creatives … never stop doing what you do!!

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