May 29, 2019Be the One With the Cape

If you live in or around the Peachtree City, Georgia area, and need a really good mechanic ... look no further than Autopro over on Huddleston Road. Adam and JT. Wonderful, honest mechanics, excellent work, great guys! We’ve been using them since the late 1980’s, which was long before Adam bought Autopro from the original owner, Jim Harris. That’s a long time to stick with a mechanic! They’re that good!

If you happen to schedule some work with them, when you’re there either dropping off or picking up your car, there’s something I want you to see ... and you’ll need to be a little bit sneaky, so I hope you can pull it off!

First, you’ll need to buy yourself a few minutes, and a little distraction ... so ask Adam this one question:

“Hey, Adam, have you ever worked on a Chevy Citation?”

Trust me on this ... you won’t need to tell him who told you. And he will know immediately which specific car you are referring to. Warning! Do not be holding or drinking any liquids! Schedule a good twenty minutes or so to hear the response. Cover the ears of any children nearby. Be prepared for several good, hard belly laughs ... who needs TV?

While you are enjoying the floor show – and please don’t try this unless you can be very subtle! – watch him carefully. As discreetly as you can, watch his neck, the collar of his shirt. Do you see it? Look closer ... maybe he’ll turn or bend and you’ll catch a glimpse ... maybe a tiny flicker from the side ... more likely on the back ... if you do see it, don’t let on ... it will only embarrass him that he didn’t have it tucked away better ... it can be our secret.

It’s his cape.

All super heroes have one of those, you know.

Some super heroes are all flash and dance. Those are usually the ones in the movies. They are the heroes and they want the whole world to know it and acknowledge it!

But then there are the real life super heroes like Adam. Their capes are tucked away carefully. They don’t want or crave any attention. They are just there, quietly doing what God sent them to do: to serve the rest of us in big and small and very important ways. Sometimes you don’t need them for a while. When you do need them, they always show up. Dependable like the sunrise.

We all have these heroes in our lives. They’re the people that mend our broken things, that keep our machines humming along, that serve us our meals, that wait on us in banks and retail stores, that take great risks so we can have jobs, and live and work and move about our communities in safety. Maybe they are in our homes, bringing home pay checks, working hard to make and keep our homes beautiful and comfortable, carting us around to our games and activities, loving us when we’re unlovable, comforting us when life throws us a curve ... dependable, loyal, constant. Always quietly working in the background.

Let’s try an experiment ... for one week ... for one day ... let’s be someone’s super hero.

Whatever you do ... be it digging ditches, waiting tables, drawing pictures, writing stories, designing buildings, fixing machines, driving trucks ... whatever it is. Let’s dig, wait, draw, write, design, fix, drive like we’re the only one on the planet that can do that particular something for somebody. Let’s even go beyond and add some little something extra to it that they didn’t ask for and didn’t expect.

It might be nice if they notice and acknowledge it ... it’ll be even nicer if they don’t!

Because you will know. And He will know.

And you just might begin to feel a little fullness around your collar area ...

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  • Dixie Cooley says:
    2019-07-19, 06:53:06
    And I thought that material sticking up was the interfacing in their shirt. LOL
    On a serious note, we all must thank a hero when they cross our path.
  • Cathy Therrell says:
    2019-06-10, 11:45:58
    Yes! You and I view these Auto Professional men through the same kind of eyes. I so love your hero connotation.

    It sounds like I've known them as long as you have. Over the years they've come to be like family. They're like young brothers to my husband, excited fans of my simple Christmas cakes, skilled car scouts for my mother, purposeful advisors to our offspring and doggo uncles to our pups.

    Life is sweet when there's such devotion!
    Thanks, Cathy!
    Adam and JT are loved by many of us ...
    And what a treat to be able to say it out loud to them!- Sherry A Mitcham