December 29, 2021Being Somebody's "Mysterious Way"

One positive thing that has resulted from the pandemic for me, is all the writing workshops I've been able to attend via Zoom meetings. Workshops in out-of-state locations that I probably wouldn't have otherwise considered.

I was telling you last week about Jordan Peterson and how I have been influenced by him. After listening to many of his lectures and how he breaks apart mythology and literature, attending writing workshops and learning how stories are put together has been that much more meaningful to me. I can barely read a book or watch a movie any more without dissecting it. It's all so fascinating.

It's a little hard for me to believe that I'm listening to and enjoying Biblical lectures from a clinical psychologist ... and learning how to write because of it! God does indeed work in mysterious ways. And it makes me realize yet again, just how important we all are to each other.

God creates us and equips us with the gifts we'll need to carry out the plan He's laid out for each of us.

We tend to think we're successful if we're making lots of money and receiving a lot of acclaim. He wants and expects us to do our very best and succeed. But money and fame, while surely part of it, aren't the only measures of success.

Who can tell if a blog or a video or a published book we were involved with, will be the influence and encouragement someone else needs? Or if a blog, video or book someone else produced will influence and encourage us?

The trick is to realize Who is orchestrating it all ...

Trust and rest in Him. Get about the tasks He's assigned to you and leave the reults in His hands.

2022 will arrive in a few days ... get prepared and ask Him to show you the way. We make our plans, but He orders our steps ... it's going to be a great year!

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  • Denny Burgard says:
    2021-12-29, 12:38:30
    Amen! God is good. Let’s see what he does in 2022!
    Amen! The future is less scary when you know Who's in control!- Sherry A Mitcham
  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2021-12-29, 03:56:06
    You could be a movie Director.
    Happy New Year!
    Me ... in Hollywood! That would be a hoot. Wouldn't last a week!- Sherry A Mitcham