March 16, 2022Believing and Resting

Every time we sit down to write and draw, we’re hoping to end up with something that will affect a reader in a positive and profound way. It’s great to be busy doing the things we were created to do, but the real satisfaction comes when what we’re doing has purpose in the grand scheme of things.

When we look at this big world and its problems, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and feel like our little contribution is like adding a single drop to the whole ocean. Who notices and who cares?

But one day, we hear the Easter story ... how Christ has defeated sin, death and the grave, and we believe.

His wonderful, amazing peace floods our heart right from the beginning.

But it’s just the beginning ... a process called sanctification is set in motion, which is simply living day by day in an intimate relationship with Him, walking with Him and learning His ways. We will never be the same again. This is the process through which we will, over time, find our true identity in Him and find ourselves on the path to being all that He created us to be and reaching the potential He destined for us.

It takes time to grow and mature in this new way of life. We still have a lot of worldly ways in us that need to get weeded out and we’ll be in this process during our whole earthly lifetime.

But we won’t have to wait a lifetime to enjoy the peace and sheer joy of being in relationship with our Creator ... that part will begin immediately! And it will touch every area of our life, including work.

Now when we’re back in the studio and pounding the old keyboard, things are very different, because we have a very interested and engaged working Partner and Consultant.

Now we don’t doubt for a minute that what we’re doing has purpose. How could it not when our own Designer is right here beside us showing us how to do what He designed us to do?

Our belief and trust in Him deepens. We relax a bit. The stress and anxiousness eases a bit.

When we run into problems, He’s right here showing us solutions and alternatives.

We run out of motivation and inspiration, He’s right here encouraging us.

Simple belief and trust in Him grows into full-fledged surrender and reliance.

Now when we sit down to work, we don’t think to ourselves, What will I draw/write today?

No, we turn to our Partner and ask What are we doing today?

Because it’s not us doing the work anymore. It’s Him doing the work through us. The overwhelm is gone, because we’ve turned the reins totally over to Him. If we ever have a day when we start to feel the overwhelm returning, we realize that we’ve taken the reins and control back. So we stop and return the control back into His hands. The overwhelm melts away and the deep abiding peace returns ...

This is resting in Him. It’s happening in every area of life when we are in relationship with Him.

It’s the most fun when we’re writing and drawing ... all alone, in the studio, by His side.

Now we never fret about the results nor the meaning nor the purpose of it all.

We never worry about what's next. He leads us and helps us stay on the right path. When we make mistakes, He gently corrects.

We are His. The work is His. The results are His. It’s all in His hands.

Believe and rest, and enter His joy.

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  • Kathy says:
    2022-03-16, 15:17:50
    Loved this! So true but sorta hard to completely trust ALL the time!
    It's all part of the process: growing, failing, doing better next time, hitting a rough spot ... it's hard to make that flesh die! Doesn't happen over night!- Sherry A Mitcham
  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2022-03-16, 06:01:45