December 01, 2021December ... Again

Yep, here we are once again. Goes by fast, doesn’t it?

I don’t particularly care for the shorter days when it’s dark by 5 pm. Or cold weather. Though here in Georgia, our winters are so mild and complaining too much about that will just get you labeled as a whiny-butt. Besides, it’s Georgia, for Pete’s sake … if you don’t like the weather here, give it a day – or a few hours – it’ll change!

But December is nice … the end of the year when things can slow down a bit. The holidays are here and they make a nice distraction to get our minds off all the noise in the world. Seems our new normal is here to stay. Year 3 of pandemic living is about to begin … yippee.

But it’s okay … it is planet earth, after all, and life here has never been all fun and games. You just never know what all those other life forms are going to do today that might interrupt your plans.

Fortunately, for the majority of your days they will let you be, and you and your family can decide how you’ll be living life. Because it really is a beautiful place that’s filled with all kinds of good things. Despite how all the other life forms are misbehaving, God’s still in control and He will have the final say. We’ll probably never understand totally, so thank Him when all’s well, and keep trusting Him even when it’s falling apart. He never lets go of His own, so hang onto Him and stay busy with the tasks He’s assigned you.

Which brings me back again to … it’s December!

And since we’ve been busy all year with the tasks He’s assigned us, it’s time to take stock and see how we did.

Because, guess what … in a few weeks it’ll be January again, too! It’s time to start planning next year!

Time is truly cyclical, not linear … or … maybe time is linear and life is cyclical … I’ll ask the next scientist I come across and let you know what he says …

All I know is that I like it when things wind down and then get cranked back up with new starts, which is what happens every year when a year ends and a new one begins. A fresh new year to draw and write and ponder this thing I do. And then write down all my thoughts and ponderings in blogs and articles to share with somebody else who’s out there drawing and writing, too! So much fun … I love my job!

This month let's just reflect a bit and ponder a bit, close out another year, and get ready for yet another ...

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