June 22, 2022Keeping the Vision

Different seasons of life bring new challenges and new blessings.

Bringing my mom into our home will definitely change things in our daily routine.

It’s just a new reminder that time is marching on. We’re not doing anything different than millions of others have done before us, and countless more will do after us.

Life is short and fleeting, and zooming by at lightning speed.

We all spend our days loving and arguing, working and playing. We chase our dreams and live in the tension of trying to get there and being there. The writer of Ecclesiastes says it’s all meaningless. The days all run together, and soon they’re over and gone, and who remembers, knows or even cares?

But our Creator has placed eternity in our hearts. And, through His Son, He has made a path back to Himself for us. We are eternal and we have the choice of joining with Him forever or being separated from Him forever. And part of the purpose for this life is to make that decision.

When you make the decision to join with Him, you get a whole new perspective of your life here in the temporal. There is an urgency ... we want for ourselves and others to know and make that important decision while there is an opportunity to decide.

But there is also a relief ... once you make the decision to join with Him, He gives you His peace and suddenly all the things that trouble you lose their power over your heart and mind.

This life can be fun and rewarding, tragic and painful all at the same time. You will be let down and beat down. And there will be times when you are the one letting others down and beating them down. This temporal life is preparing us for the real and forever existence we’re designed for, and He uses all of our troubles and joys to mold us into what we were created to be.

He’s got this.

So let’s not waste time smugly thinking we’ve got it all together. Or beating ourselves up for never getting it right. Just get up everyday and work at the task at hand with all you’ve got.

Whether you’re drawing or writing, digging ditches or running a country ... our varied assignments are how we serve one another. And how we influence one another ... there’s a weighty responsibility in the service and work we render daily. If you are doing things like we do in the children’s publishing field, that weight is a bit weightier!

So do your work with all your joy and all your might, leave the results to Him and give Him all the credit and the glory ... we’ll all tell our stories one day on the other side of eternity!

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  • Kathy says:
    2022-06-22, 14:31:16
    Keep our eyes on Him! Excellent article!
  • Cooley Dixie says:
    2022-06-22, 13:45:05
    Well said and a good reminder.
    Thank you