July 24, 2019Rolling and Roaring!

What kind of pony would you have to have ...

Imagine you had the kind of mind that could create galaxies, a universe, black holes, nuclear fusion, the chemicals and elements involved, the processes, the math that explains it all ... and on top of all that, you knew how to organize it, contain it and keep everything spinning and running like clockwork. Structure and order.

Then one afternoon you’re sitting in your lab, kind of bored ... well, what can we make today? I know! Let’s make a little flying bug and put some of those chemicals inside him to make his butt light up!

And you think God doesn’t play and laugh! Think again!

And you also think all these limits He imposes are, well, limiting! Ha!

Let’s examine this closer ...

God creates our universe, our earth and all the aforementioned processes and elements involved. He also sets in place the physical laws governing said creation ... those physics we both love and struggle with! He sets it all in motion. He’s created a space with structure and order.

Then He creates life: us, human beings, and other animals and plant life, and places us into this orderly structure. This life – human, animal and plant life – are literally made of the same elements as the structure, and we are all subject to the same laws of physics.

Humans are set apart a bit from the other life forms ... we are created “in His Image”. That implies all kinds of meaning and interpretations and I’m no theologian! But I will say that He gives us work to do, which involves maintaining our structure and it’s orderliness, and also a spark of creativity to enhance carrying out that work. It also implies that we can look to His example to observe how He works, so that we can learn to work similarly.

And how does He work and create? ... LAVISHLY!

Just look at the world around us ... the color, the variety, the immensity of it all!

Birds that are just a few inches long. Birds taller than a man. Flightless birds that can outrun a horse. Birds that swim and fish that fly! Trees so big you can cut a tunnel and drive through them. Whales bigger than your house, that feed on the smallest creatures in the sea. Other creatures we’ve never discovered that live in the darkest caves or at the bottom of the ocean, that have never seen sunlight. Mountains, deserts, vast oceans, rivers and lakes, forests and jungles ... and how many billions of humans throughout history have lived and walked the earth ... all with different and distinct faces, fingerprints and personalities. Our world is amazing!

And inspiring! Stirs those left-leanings inside and makes you want to go create something, doesn’t it!

And if you’re reading this, and you’re not an artist or a writer, don’t think for one minute that you don’t have creativity inside. Anyone who has ever run a home, or an office or managed a business, or who has lead or managed groups of people, whether they were 3 year olds or 90 year olds and all in between ... anyone who’s got those kind of jobs needs and has a good supply of creativity! You might be in awe of someone who can draw or write music, but those artists and musicians are just as inspired by what you do that they cannot!

So unleash those left-leanings! Utilize those gifts, abilities and inspiration to fulfill your divinely-appointed mission in life. And do it lavishly! Don’t hold back! Roll and rock with all you have in the right times and at the right places. When you run up against the structure, relent and submit. Those limits and barriers He set in place, far from limiting you, will actually equip and enable you even more to be able to fulfill the plan and purpose He’s placed in you.

Balance is the key. Not all right. Not all left.

Don’t get so enamored with your creative side that you get full of pride. It will kill any effectiveness and positive influence you might have had. That wonderful gift was not bestowed on you because of any great thing you did. We never deserve what God gives us or allows us to do. Put on your cape and wield your gifts and abilities lavishly. (See my blog from May 29, 2019 for more about that!)

And don’t get so wrapped up in structure and order that you become rigid and hard, losing your soft sensitive heart and the ability to see and hear His direction and leading. He is speaking to you through every circumstance and person you encounter. Submit and LISTEN.

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  • dixie says:
    2019-07-30, 20:47:41
    Good explanation of God's creations
    Hey, Dixie ... have you discovered your left leanings yet?- Sherry A Mitcham
  • Annette says:
    2019-07-30, 20:38:37
    I need this today, thanks. Love and hugs my beautiful cousin
    Thank you, Annette! And welcome to my website!
    And if you'd like to know about having a "pony", in the menu above, click FREEBIES, then ON BEING CREATIVE
    I have a feeling we have lots of ponies in the family! And I'll bet you will agree! - Sherry A Mitcham
  • BILL says:
    2019-07-24, 21:53:47
    Thanks!- Sherry A Mitcham