January 24, 2024Life Interrupted – Patty

Pet-sitting for the holidays … here are the thoughts of the other resident cat, Patty:

Oh! An interview!! How fun! I will tell you all about myself …

I can’t tell you exact facts – because I didn’t actually research it, because I can’t read – but it absolutely is a fact that my feline ancestors can be traced back to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt!

How do you think the Egyptian dynasties got so great or lasted so long? It was because they recognized and acknowledged feline magnificence!

My ancestors walked the halls of Egyptian palaces. They hobnobbed with the Pharaohs and taught them how to carry themselves and rule with pride and dignity.

This feline influence was the sole reason behind world domination and longevity of the Egyptian empire … influence that accounts for Egyptian existence to this very day. Of course, all that magnificence and glory has faded a bit, and they certainly don’t dominate the globe in present times …

That’s because, like all humans, over time they began to get the big head, all full of themselves, believing they did all that on their own. They forgot to acknowledge where the true power and glory was coming from, and slowly, over time, they settled into mediocrity, and little by little slipped back into the background where they will likely stay until they come to their senses and once again welcome and embrace feline dominance.

Today, all over the world felines are quietly doing their part in their own corners of the world to awaken the dull-minded humans. One day the dawn will break open in those sluggish brains and the humans will acknowledge feline superiority. Once again, cats will take their rightful place … we will again walk the halls of palaces and influence governments and have our say in how this place gets run.

For myself in my own house, I work hard everyday to let my humans know that I’m running things. Oh, sure, I’ll greet them and have a brief chat first thing in the morning, but the rest of the day is on MY terms.

I may join them on the sofa or the bed, we’ll cozy up and have a nap, but when and where and how it happens are all up to ME!

Even that stupid Squirt …

He’s supposed to be helping me get these humans in line, but instead that lazy, good-for-nothing can only think about getting his head groomed! Good grief! I’ll admit I enjoy it for a while, but he just never seems to know when enough is enough. We can’t play all the time, there’s work to … oh … wait, what?

I thought you wanted to hear about me …

What is this interview about? … a dog?

What dog? I don’t know anything about a dog …

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