January 10, 2024Life Interrupted – Jake

Pet-sitting for the holidays … the pet-sitters and the pet-owners each have their own thoughts about the situation. But what do the pets think? I decided to find out. Here’s what the “sat” dog, Jake, told me:

I just don’t understand it. I try to be a good boy. Really I do ...

I have a good life with my two humans. I mostly live indoors with them, but I have a doggie door and I can go outside and play in my own yard whenever I want to. I love going outside to play, but I spend most of my time inside where my humans are, because I love, love, LOVE my humans! And I want to be where they are!

The best days of all are when they are outside, too, but, for some reason, humans seem to prefer being inside more. That’s a total mystery to me, but that’s how they are.

Not only that, but most days they totally LEAVE! Can you imagine?!

They’ve got their very own space, where no one comes to bother them, and yet they leave it everyday to go who-knows-where, to do who-knows-what … I don’t get it.

I used to worry about it, because when they leave I’m all alone. I really, really hate being all alone, but I’ve learned not to worry about it too much, because they always come back.

Occasionally there are days when they DON’T LEAVE! I think, Well, now they’ll see how great it is staying here and playing with me, so they’ll learn … but, no … they always go back to leaving again.

I think they were feeling guilty about it – they KNOW I want them to stay home – so they got me a cat, Emma. She’s cute, I suppose, but I prefer my humans. I’m older now, and she’s still so young and has way too much energy. She jumps on my back to ride and scratches me with her claws. She’s just playing, I think, but it gets tiresome for an old guy like me …

I could chomp Emma with one big bite, but that would get me in trouble with my humans. Having them get mad at me would be intolerable, and I never, never, NEVER want them to be mad at me! Like I said, I try really hard to be a good boy!

But I must have done something wrong, because a few days ago they put me in the car – they KNOW I’m afraid of the car, I’ve heard them tell other humans – and took me to another house and LEFT ME!!! Aaarrrggghhh!!!!

There are 3 humans at this new house … 2 lady humans and a man human.

One lady I don’t know … she seems okay, but I’m not sure, so I try to keep my distance without being rude. I know the other 2 humans, because they come to my house sometimes. My favorite is the lady human, and she seems to like me, too. She takes me outside and sometimes for a walk, but I can’t stay outside by myself for very long like I could at my house. And I don’t get to go outside as often as I’d like.

The worst part of being here is the 2 cats. I really like the girl cat … she’s smaller than my Emma even though she’s fully grown-up. But she won’t talk to me, or even acknowledge me! She walks right past me like I’m not even there!

And the other cat is BIG! Almost as big as me! We’ve had a couple of moments when I thought maybe he would actually talk to me … but no, he won’t. Not EVER.

Mostly he just sits high above me on a table and STARES at me. Maybe “GLARES at me” would describe it better …

I’m so miserable … I don’t know what I did … I even miss that stinkin’ Emma!

If you see my humans, ask them what I did and tell them I promise to never, never, never, NEVER do it again!!


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  • Dixie Cooley says:
    2024-01-10, 03:20:04
    Aww..poor Jake.
    He gets treated like a red-headed step child at our house!!!- Sherry A Mitcham