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A Public Appeal

I love movies!

Growing up, and having a pony inside, my favorite movies were the horror and monster and space movies.
I know God plans your life out.
Why else would I be a kid right smack in the middle of the late 50’s and 60’s when all these great films were coming out?
Films like The BlobForbidden PlanetThe Body SnatchersWar of the Worlds
Stars like Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing.
And the Hitchcock films! Don’t forget Hitchcock!

And, yeah, the monster and space films were a bit hokey in pre-computer days.
Space ships on strings. Men in suits. In a few films they tried using real lizards, either in very close up camera shots or placed in miniature settings.
But, come on, guys! That’s no dinosaur! It’s an iguana!
The best we ever got was in Jason and the Argonauts when they figured out how to do the stop motion animation. Now there’s a classic for you to look up ...
Watch for the fight scene with the skeletons. This truly was an art form.

But of all the films I loved and watched, my absolute all-time favorite was a film from the early ‘60’s called Gorgo. A quick synopsis (and spoiler alert!):
Treasure divers out in the ocean discover and capture a sea monster.
They take it to London where they build a big arena and put the monster on display.
Scientists studying the creature discover, Oops! It’s just a baby sea monster!
There must be more out in the ocean!
And – gasp! – the adults are going to be bigger! A lot bigger!!
And sure enough, mama sea monster comes up out of the ocean, up the River Thames, stomps across London, gets the kid, and stomps back to the ocean, kid in tow.
The end.
The monster lives and I think that’s why I liked it so much!

Fast forward to the 90’s ... Jurassic Park! Oh, boy!
When this one came out I laid out of work and watched it twice on opening day.
(Then went back on the weekend, because, you know, you really should take your family along when you go to the movies.)
Finally ... after decades of waiting ... dinosaurs that actually looked like dinosaurs!

And here’s the appeal to all you movie makers ... I want a CGI re-make of Gorgo!
Do we really need 20 versions of Spiderman?
How many more re-makes of Batman?
And don’t tell me you don’t remember Gorgo.
In Spielberg’s movies there are theme parks and arenas and the dinosaurs are still alive at the end. He knew.

So, come on, movie makers ... let’s have a CGI re-make of Gorgo!

Like we tell the dog when she’s begging at dinner:
“It never hurts to ask. You’ll probably get told No. But, who knows?
You just might get a Yes!”

And for all the true Gorgo fans – I know you’re out there – while poking around on the internet I found a treasure: a short 18 minute film called

Waiting For Gorgo

Written by M.J. Simpson, Directed by Benjamin Craig
Cast: Geoffrey Davies, Kelly Eastwood, Nicholas Amer
(c) 2010 Cinemagine Media Limited. All rights Reserved.

Find it at
And you can buy a copy on Amazon.

I know London is eternally grateful for the D.M.O.A.
No Gorgo for almost 60 years! Good job, guys!

The world is full of talented folks who truly know how to ride their ponies ...
how fortunate for the rest of us!