Planning Your Book – 3
Let the Drawing Begin!

First, a brief recap ...

In Part 1 we wrote a great little story about Gator Joe and how he came to have that name. And we decided we'd turn the story into a short, 8-page book. We determined how many actual pages of story we'd have in the book and divided the text up according to which part of the story would fit on each of those pages.

In Part 2 we determined our book's dimensions and decided what we want to show in the illustrations. We found a nice font style for the text and determined how it will flow around the pictures.

We'll start by getting everything sized, placed and arranged just right. As you begin drawing, you will run into issues that didn't occur to you earlier. That's the beauty of planning and drawing step-by-step ... problems and fixes get all worked out in these beginning stages.

And here are the drawing steps, Spread by Spread:

Check out Planning Your Book – 4 for the final renderings of the illustrations. Watch for Planning Your Book – 5 in March where we'll design a cover for our book!