Guest Author Virginia Warren

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Within the pages of Virginia Warren’s new children’s book, Words In My Mouth, readers of all ages will discover the importance of self-discipline with their words by following the biblical advice for living according to God’s plan. Following Cameron, a boy who loves to talk, the story develops his lessons about self-control and obedience to God’s Word. With a wonderful message and gorgeous, colorful illustrations, Words In My Mouth is destined to be a family favorite. “I hope readers will learn the importance of being thoughtful of others by choosing their words carefully and sharing them at the appropriate time,” states the author. “Such discipline shapes children into mature and wise adults ready for useful service. Honoring the leaders God has placed in our lives and the blessings which come from such respect is good news to a strife-filled world.” Virginia Warren is a native of Mississippi. After working in the private sector for over thirty years, she now stays at home and enjoys writing Christian literature, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Children do not come into this world with an instruction manual. Many parents have told me they do not know what they are doing when faced with the challenges of raising kids. There are no one-size-fits-all answers to correcting behavior in each child. What works for one, may not necessarily be the solution for another.

I have two grown children and four grandsons. All of them have different personalities and gifts. My oldest grandson, Cameron, is now a senior in college. He still loves to talk! We are grateful he has learned to use self- control but these lessons did not come easily. The elementary school he attended would send a progress report home each day alerting parents of any behavioral problems. They assigned colored dots with green being the best, followed by yellow, red and blue. The blue dot was a trip to the headmaster’s office. Red and blue were Cameron’s colors of choice. He could not keep his words in his mouth! Have you ever heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”? That was literally true in this situation. We had a tag team of parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators and pastors speaking truth to him. After many years of repetitious prayer and discipline, he finally learned his lesson. Many times we were discouraged and wanted to lose hope, but God would always send us the help we needed to stay focused and to finish our race.

The Bible tells us we are to honor the leaders that God has placed in our lives. My children’s book, Words In My Mouth, introduces young readers to scripture outlining the levels of authority and the importance of respecting each one. This true story follows Cameron as he learns how to develop self-control by being thoughtful of others and choosing his words carefully while speaking at the appropriate time.

Children are like little sponges. Repetition of the honor principle outlined by the scripture in this book would instill self-discipline at an early age and perhaps prevent disciplinary problems from developing. That is my hope.

We do have an instruction manual for raising children! It is God’s Word, The Holy Bible. In it you will find the specific answer to every conceivable problem you will face. It needs only to be sought and practiced.

- Virginia Warren
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