Guest Author Levidia Daba

Holidays are fun!
Christmas! New Year’s!
But then they’re over ... pooh.

And if you live in my neck of the woods, the southeastern USA, it’s a long, cold, “still-getting-dark-way-too-early” weeks and weeks till spring.

I know ... let’s go somewhere ... how about .... BERMUDA!!
And we have our own personal tour guides: Levidia Daba and her little dog, Snap!

Ms. Daba’s Christmas-released book The Adventures of Snap is all about Snap’s adventures as she gets a new family and then explores the beautiful sites on the island of Bermuda.
See sample pages from Ms. Daba’s book here.

There is a wonderful article all about Ms. Daba, the book and Snap by Jessie Moniz Hardy, writing for the Royal Gazette in Bermuda, entitled Snap Takes a Literary Bow.

Click here to visit the paper and read the article.