I Love You More Than More
Richard Swan Dahlberg
ISBN 9781629522425

This story will warm your heart and make you smile as you follow the growing “I love you more” debate between a father and daughter. In the end they find that real love is beyond measuring. “Parents and children will enjoy this warm and inspiring story as the ‘I love you more’ debate comes alive.” R. Gossen “I Love You More Than More” is as sweet and endearing as a children’s book could be. It leaves you with the feeling that you’ve just drank a warm cup of cocoa and gotten a big hug.” R. Wolters This book was inspired by an actual incident, when my then six-year old daughter ended an “I-love-you-more” debate by declaring, “Dad, I love you MORE than more.” I had to record the event, adding a little imaginative exaggeration. It is dedicated to both my daughters, Cate and Allison, who I love “more than more.”